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Harlingen Police Can’t Even Catch a Guy Driving on a Hike & Bike Trail

By Tony Chapa

Harlingen police are never around when you need them.

I just got a call from my son who was riding his bicycle on the McKelvey Park Trail this evening.

He was riding on the trail between the bridge behind Boggus Ford and the other bridge going towards McKelvey.

He stopped to talk to a friend when a car was driving on the trail pulled up behind them.

The driver and his female passenger looked at them rude as if they were blocking them.

They moved to let them pass and my son called 911 on his cell phone.

He said he had to give the dispatcher the license plate number KPC 538 four times.

He had to repeat what happened SEVERAL times.

The dispatcher asked him what street he was on several times even after he said several times that he was ON THE TRAIL.

Needless to say the car got away.

They asked my son to meet an officer at McKelvey Park.

They took his name and cell phone number and then the officer never showed up and never called.

What if that guy had run over a kid or a family or an elderly person??? They’d be sued for negligence!

Luckily, we don’t have to always rely on HPD.

Anybody can look up license plate online.

My Harlingen News will help HPD catch this guy even though my experience is that they can never solve crimes.

The Dodge Charger came back registered to Mauro Enriquez and Lissett Enriquez who live at 32956 Papaya Street in Brownsville.

It says he bought the car from Charlie Clark Nissan in Harlingen in 2008.

Anybody can also look up criminal records online.

Looks a guy named Mauro Enriquez from Brownsville (DOB: 10/20/55) came back with a DWI record.

Was it the same guy???

Was he drunk while driving on the trail???

How did he even get his car on the trail???

We’ll never know cause Harlingen police never got off their butts.

They were probably eating tacos at Las Cazuelas at F Street and Tyler.

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