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The FCC and its website are screwy

I just want to say that FCC is a screwy agency and it’s website is even screwier.

It took us FOREVER to find a copy of the Entravision fine on the FCC website.

We found out on Tuesday and barely could get a copy until Sunday.

They’re supposed to regulate TV and radio stations but they make it as hard as possible.

They don’t want the public to know what’s really going on the airwaves.

Their website is so confusing…that we tried by phone on the 1-800 number they listed.

That was even worse!

Press #1 this and and #2 for that.

We never talked to a live human being!

They never even listed a phone number for media contacts on their useless press release page.

The press release page was also hard to find and didn’t even have what we were looking for.

They deliberately make information hard to find making public oversight of our TV stations and radio stations harder!

This is where we finally found the Entravision notice buried deep on their website:

We had to go day by day and look through the listings.

When we finally found it on the June 30th listing, the link to read a copy of the notice didn’t even work!

It finally started working on Sunday afternoon.

The feds and the FCC are screwy!

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