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Say no to Valerie Garcia candidate for JP of precinct 5 place 2

By: Danny Zuniga 

Mr. Chapa,

I just read that Valerie Garcia is running for JP Pct. 5-2. She claims that she will be able to juggle two duties if elected. My question is, is she wanting to make more money because she can’t do it as an attorney? 

Or is she that much of a power junky that she needs to get as many titles so people can call her judge. If you don’t know her, she loves to be called judge in the public eye. She insists on it. Little does she know that she doesn’t deserve the title of being called judge as defined in the TX Criminal Code of Procedures. I have personally seen her correct members of the CCDA and tell them to refer to her as judge. Even if she is elected as JP, the title is still JP and not judge. People refer to these individuals in this position out of respect and respect that is EARNED. 

My other point is that Garcia is a control freak while on the bench and ask anyone in the court of Harlingen will tell you the same thing. She loves the power on the bench and doesn’t hide it. To her so-called friends, she will treat them with respect. To people she does not know or appear in her court, she treats like low lifes. She bows to the gringos who appear before her especially political or their relatives. She gives them breaks and shafts the low lifes. She has copied the practice from Travis Bence, who is notorious for this practice. Watch Bence on the bench and watch him give all the gringos the breaks or the good community service jobs. Watch him give the Mexicanos the shaft and sorry community service jobs. Ask anyone who has gone before these two and hear the horror stories. Even the baliff, a retired officer and not certified can tell you the horror stories. Garcia is a joke! 

Also, very good story on the facts on Lonon by Jerry Deal in the VMS on 1-10-2010. He laid the facts down and the truth came out. Woolam ought to take a back seat to this Lonon soap box and go after Boswell, Meade and Medrano, the “Jaiba” to all Mexicanos in Harlingen.  Congratulations to the three commissioners who took the fortitude to fire a crook! 

Leftwich should run again and not give in to the cowards who attack his family. He has backing from those who agreed with his position as commissioner. It’s too bad that Marra turned out to be a pawn to the Establishment and well there is no saying anything about white Galbreath?

Thanks for reading, Danny Zuniga

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Your correct on that I will do all my power for her not to become a judge again for Brownsville Tx. She is horrible and is not fair with anyone..

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