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Dial Dunkin for Mayor?

By: Bob Dufeck 

It may be time for Dial Dunkin to put on a political hat and run for Mayor to help lead us out of the wilderness.  

Harlingen needs a Patton!  

We need a new deal.  

We need a massive urban renewal program.  

We need someone who will think big things for Harlingen.  

We need a visionary. 

We need a Chavez, a MLK, a Frank Ferree, a Lewis and Clark, an Abraham Lincoln.  

We need a bold decisive leader.  

A benevolent dictator, a mover and a shaker.  

Someone who can’t be bought off.  

Think about it folks.  

Put a man in power who is color blind and money blind. 

That man is Dial Dunkin.  

Dial, start a new era for Harlingen’s second 100 years.  

Lead us out of the wilderness and make Harlingen greater that it is now.  

Help us find our footing.  

Put people back to work. 

Build buildings, create jobs, build dams, roads, bridges.  

Take the reins and run run run!!!!! 


When Dial Duncan talks, people listen.


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