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Belgium still hoping for spa f1 race this year

Belgium still hoping for spa f1 race this year

The first Spa F1 race in Belgium is in December 2014 and will kick-off with a 10-hour race on February 10, before the 12-hour race on the same day.

It’s a big deal but the event has failed to draw crowds despite being advertised for the past couple of years and organisers had to wait until 2015 to give an official line-up.

“The first race was only announced in June last year and so it’s more for the supporters of Spa F1 and of the drivers and their teams and also to make sure this event gets an early start so that a lot of teams come to the track in one day,” Stoddart told바카라사이트

“I think it’s a nice thing because you have it as a special day for the f더킹카지노ans so that their team come and compete with the drivers, so that we can have a bit of a good atmosphere in here, and the fans have a good time, and that’s a good thing.”

Stoddart admitted the lack of fan interest has been a bit of a frustration for the F1 team, as has the fact they lack a permanent team sponsor.

The current F1 team had a contract with BKH for three years but that has long since run out, the team says.

He said there were plenty of opportunities for a temporary team sponsor, but they were unwilling to risk giving up the race in a bid to do one.

“For us, maybe it’s more likely that we can go and바카라사이트 win a few races with the current team partner so I wouldn’t mind that [taking part],” he added. “But from our point of view, this is a great race and we really want to win it.

“We have already started discussing with [Team] Enstone so I think there’s a good possibility that we can do this next year, but at the end of the day it is what it is and nothing’s going to change.”

It is thought that Stoddart may be forced to step down from the role.

His successor, Kevin Magnussen, has said he may not be interested in competing next season.

“I want to make sure I take the opportunity [to retire] because you are at the top level in this sport and there’s a number of drivers who will be coming back to the series,” Stoddart added.

“You have to be sure your career is finished and I am

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