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Border Patrol Agents Arrest Parents While Their Infant Preps for Major Surgery; Care2 Petition Demands They’re Not Deported


A Care2 petition is seeking to save Oscar and Irma Sanchez, who were arrested while trying to save their infant son 

TEXAS  — A Care2 petition is demanding the U.S. federal government not deport two parents who were arrested by Border Patrol agents while trying to get their infant son major surgery; the petition has gathered over 8,500 signatures.


“With Trump now in the White House, hospitals are no longer considered sensitive locations, or places off-limits to immigration officers, as they were under President Obama,” the Care2 petition reads. “The Sanchez family’s experience illustrates just why hospitals should remain sensitive locations.”

The Sanchezes’ infant son, Isaac Enrique, suffers from pyloric stenosis – a condition that stops food from entering the small intestine but is curable. Symptoms include vomiting, dehydration and weight loss.

The Sanchezes took their son to a local hospital in Harlingen, Texas, for treatment. Doctors told them they couldn’t treat his condition there, and Isaac Enrique would need to be taken to Driscoll Children’s Hospital in Corpus Christi.

But to get to the hospital, the undocumented couple would have to pass through a U.S. Border Patrol immigration checkpoint.

As the couple weighed their options, a Border Patrol agent — who may have been tipped off by a nurse — approached them to say he would escort them through the checkpoint, but he would have to arrest the and begin deportation proceedings after. The couple accepted.

“Though Oscar and Irma are undocumented, having overstayed visas issued over a decade ago, their four children are all U.S. citizens. With no criminal records between them, there is no compelling reason to deport them,” the petition reads. “They should be allowed to remain with their children.”

Border agents stayed with Oscar and Irma the entire time they were in the hospital. Oscar was followed to the bathroom and cafeteria. Irma was forced to breastfeed with the door open. The Care2 petition is demanding the Executive Office for Immigration Review, Department of Homeland Security, and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement allow the family to stay.

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