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UTB/TSC Annual Halloween Ghost Tours

What:        UTB/TSC Annual Halloween Ghost Tours 

When:       Saturday, Oct. 31, 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. 

Where:      Arnulfo L. Oliveira Library        

Background: It’s Halloween and the University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College will be hosting its annual ghost tours with John Hawthorne.  

John Hawthorne, Manager of Special Collections and Archivist, will lead two tours on, Halloween Night, at 7 p.m. and 9 p.m., Saturday, Oct. 31. 

“It will be a family friendly event that is enjoyable for people of all ages,” Hawthorne said. 

The tour will include various buildings that hold historical significance on campus. Gorgas Hall, the Arnulfo L. Oliveira Library, the Old Morgue, and Calvary Hall, are on the tour. 

Hawthorne will discuss the historical significance of Fort Brown, as well as relate the history to parapsychology. It will also include a ghost hunt and information on paranormal occurrences like orbs, (what that’s) and folk tales from Fort Brown. 

The public is welcomed to come in costume to enjoy the event. There will also be treats to celebrate Halloween. 

General admission for the tour will be $5.00 per person and is open to the public. Tickets can be purchased in advance at the Hunter Room in the Oliveira Library or on the night of the event. 

“The Ghosts of Fort Brown: An Informal Study of Brownsville Folklore and Parapsychology,” can also be purchased, for $5, at the Hunter Room in the Oliveira Library or on the night of the tour. It includes stories and occurrences that will included in the tour. 

Hawthorne is the person the curious and mystical usually look toward during the year for answers to whether the campus is haunted.

“A number of people have found ghosts in a number of buildings around campus,” Hawthorne said. 

Hawthorne said the closest he came to a ghost experience was at the campus library.

“I once felt a cold chill that’s similar to what you experience with ghosts, but never seen one,” he said.

Hawthorne, Javier Garcia and Justin Lawrence have chronicled three editions of “The Ghosts of Fort Brown: An Informal Study of Brownsville Folklore and Parapsychology” based on several interviews with people who have claimed to have experienced paranormal happenings. People who attend the event will receive a free ghost book.

“Just many, many people were interested in the ghost stories,” Hawthorne said about the book’s inspiration. “Even when this place was a fort, people were telling ghost stories.”

Hawthorne has been the university archivist since 2002 and works in the campus library’s John Hunter Room. He came to the university in 1999 as a librarian.

For more information, call The Hunter Room at (956) 882-7103 or (956) 882-7410.

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