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UPDATED: The War Comes Home Again

By: Treto Garza 

Another Fallen Hero of the OIF/OEF military offensive.  The WAR! 

The recent news of Sgt.Fernando de la Rosa of Alamo, TX is so sudden and comes at a time when we are still morning another Hero, SSgt Bradley Espinoza of Alton, TX.  The valley is preparing for the final farewell to SSgt Espinoza today and it is not known when Sgt. De La Rosa’s body will arrive.  This is sad.  A very sad time for the Valley.  We must do everything we can to console these two families.  Let us not let them grieve by themselves.  These two soldiers were doing what they thought was best.  They represented our Country bravely, proudly and paid the ultimate sacrifice.  They both leave a wife and two children behind. 

The valley is a tightly knit community.  When tragedy strikes, all of us become one family.  Let us not forget our Fallen Heroes.  Let us pray for their families left behind, for In God We Trust. 

We must honor their courage, service and commitment to our Great Nation. For its young men and women like them in the military that make the Rio Grande Valley the most patriotic region in America. 

So far the valley has lost 33 young men in these two wars.  There will be more before it’s over.  The valley has paid a heavy price.  The war once again has come to the valley.   

Attached is the list of those Fallen Heroes. 

1.  Sgt. Edward J. Anguiano  Army                   03/23/03    Brownsville, TX 

2.  Pfc. Juan G. Garza, Jr.  USMC                     04/08/03      San Benito, TX 

3.  SSgt. Hector R. Perez  Army                        07/24/03       Brownsville, TX 

4.  Pfc. Rey D. Cuervo    Army                         12/28/03       Laguna Vista, TX 

5.  Pfc. Dustin Sekula      USMC                       04/01/03       Edinburg, TX 

6.  Sgt. Christopher Ramirez  Army                  04/14/04        Edinburg, TX 

7.  Sgt. Pedro Contreras   Army                         06/21/04        Alton, Tx 

8.  Sgt. Juan Calderon, Jr. USMC                      08/02/04        Weslaco, TX 

9.  Sgt. Daniel Lee Galvan  Army                      08/12/04       Mercedes, TX 

10.  Sgt. Mark Anthony Zapata  Army               08/15/04       Edinburg, TX 

11.  Sgt. Tomas Garces   Army                           09/06/04       Weslaco, TX 

12.  Maj. Horst Gary Moore  Army                     11/09/04       Los Fresnos, TX 

13.  Spc. Isaac Edward Diaz  Army                     12/01/04      Rio Hondo, TX 

14.  Lcpl. Julio C. Cisneros Alvarez USMC        01/06/05       Pharr, TX 

15.  Sgt. Marin Javier, Jr.  USMC                        01/24/05       Mercedes, TX 

16.  SSgt. Joseph E. Rodriguez  Army                 01/28/05        Brownsville, TX 

17.  Lcpl. Christopher McCrackin USMC            11/14/05        Pharr, TX 

18.  Spc. James Kessinger   Army                         12/13/05        Pharr, TX 

19.  Lcpl. Samuel Tapia  USMC                            12/18/05        San Benito, TX 

20.  Sgt. Jessie Davila   Army                                02/20/06        Raymondville, TX 

21.  Lcpl. Benito Ramirez  USMC                         05/21/06        Edinburg, TX

22.  PFC Kristin Menchaca  Army                        06/16/06         Brownsville, TX 

23.  Sgt. Omar Flores     Army                                07/08/06       Mission, Tx 

24.  Pvt. Hector Leija      Army                               01/24/07        Raymondville, TX 

25.  SSgt Darrel Shipp     Army                              01/25/07           Harlingen, TX 

26.  Lcpl. Anthony Aguirre  USMC                       02/26/07            Raymondville,  TX

27.  SSgt. Juan F. Campos  Army                          06/01/07             McAllen, TX 

28.  Sgt. David G. Gomez    Army                        07/18/07              Port Isabel, TX 

29.  Spc. Eric D. Salinas   Army                           08/02/07              Primera, TX 

30.  Spc. Jose Rubio         Army                           03/24/08               Mission, TX 

31.  Pfc. Alex Gonzalez   Army                           05/06/08               Mission, TX 

32. Sgt. Bradley Espinoza Army                         10/19/09               Alton, TX 

33.  Fernando De La Rosa                                   10/27/09               Alamo, TX


Another fallen hero with roots in the valley that was Killed in Action in Iraq and I failed to list in the List of Heroes which appeared in your Oct. 28 posting, is SPC James Lee Adair.  SPC Adair is the son of Jimmy Adair of Harlingen, TX.  He had moved to Carthage, TX where he attended school. He was killed by an improvised explosive device in Bagdad, Iraq on June 29, 2007. 

We will not forget our Fallen Heroes.  I apologize to the family for not including him in the List of Fallen Heroes. 

May he rest in Peace and my belated condolences to the family. 

In God We Trust 

Arturo Treto Garza



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