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The Harlingen police detectives division falling apart

Reliable sources tell me most of the experienced detectives have left the detective’s division and returned to the patrol division. 

The Harlingen police department detective’s division has a long history of failure in solving major crimes in the city. 

My sources tell me the detectives division is led by the alleged incompetent Capt. Hector Leal. 

He is assisted by controversial Lt. Myriam Anderson who is very unpopular with the rank and file detectives. 

The friction within the detectives division has forced most of the experience detectives to abandon the investigation’s division. 

I called Capt. Leal and asked how many detectives work under him. 

He said he would research it and for me to call later. 

He later told me I needed to submit and open records request. 

It is common knowledge that he has 10-12 detectives and plus the 4 gang members unit. 

So why go through all the useless trouble. 

The detective division needs new leadership and better qualified detectives regardless. 

Of course it all boils down to the lack of leadership from police chief Danny Castillo and assistant police chief Luciano Rubio. 

I’m told that both of them will be forced to vacate their positions soon. 

Some of the internal division leaders need to be replaced too.


  1. Troy says:

    Samantha and Amy are victims to this corrupt system.

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