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City of Harlingen Election Results

By: Kenneth Benton 

Sad day.  Heart breaking, but the results are in. 

Many are angry and cries of foul, voter suppression and intimidation have reached my ears.  To some degree, supported by the pitiful number of votes at Jefferson and Bowie, I do believe that the winner’s strategy of limiting early voting hours and playing games with the voting districts frustrated and confused many would be Morales’s voters.  Some are demanding a complaint be filed with the Justice Dept. Good luck with that. 

Rick Morales should have been a show-in but the large number of voters on the old west side simply stayed home, did not care.  They have lost faith.  Faith in the political process, faith in themselves.  The middle class is afraid.  One telling me recently that “the city is making progress”.  Citing the new pay day loan building on Ed Carey and B77 as an example.  Wow.  Okay, if you say so.  

Afraid.  Afraid of another scandal, another betrayal, yet another corrupt elected official with an Hispanic surname.  Yeah, I know, too many minority politicians let us down and we still lack a firm economic base, the resources to compete in global economy.  Then 50% drop out before getting that education, and even when we do get an education we work for some non profit or entity supported by government transfer payments.  Dependency.  

The establishment insists that local leadership must come from the business class.   I agree, mostly.  But without a vision for raising the standards of living for the vast majority and a plan for getting there, we remain hostage to low wage retail which provides barely sufficient wages to workers, hoping that visitors from somewhere with more money than us will shop here and thereby generate sales tax revenue to cover our city’s budget, debt service on $ 50 million in bonds and certificates of obligation and of course, free golf for the Danny’s.  Likely now they will get it. 

The port and airport still under perform but hey we can get the medical school if ……. Harlingen, once and former city on the hill.   

Sad day.




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