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We were noticing how news of Rick Morales impending entry into the Mayoral race has brought on an onslaught of positive news and publicity for da Mayor. Looks like folks are nervous, especially old guard types. If you read the Star you would think the Messiah has returned to earth in the form of Boswell.

The old guard wants to retain power because that is how they enrich themselves. Promoting propaganda that paints a rosy picture use to work. Now, in the information age, with facts, and figures available at our finger tips, fact checking is a breeze. Deception and misleading the public no longer is easy as it once was. Looks like the VMS forgot to do that.

The VMS failed miserably when it failed to fact check da Mayor’s state of the city address. Rather than take him on his word, a simple review of facts and figures shows da Mayor as a man lost in illusion. State Comptroller facts and figures don’t support the Mayor’s boasting. Neither should the VMS.

Newspapers should be independent and free of bias. The VMS can’t accurately report facts or criticize da Mayor because they are beholden to ad money the old guard funds them with. Reporting false stories and repeating lies only discredits them as a reliable information source. The VMS should come clean and admit they are the publicity firm for da Mayor. Then, we can actually begin to believe some of the things they report. 


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