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Hidalgo County – Eleven Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Trainees who are also HCSO Detention Officers were fired on 12-6-12 for official misconduct and integrity issues. 

Sheriff  Trevino states, “The cheating incident consisted of a conspiracy involving four deputy trainees who photographed, downloaded, copied, and distributed a multi-page document they believed was an upcoming test. 

The cheating incident extended to an additional seven deputy trainees who received the copied document and failed to report it to their supervisor. 

The dishonesty demonstrated by these 11 deputy trainees evicerates the integrity foundation that we have laid these past eight years. 

I am very disappointed and dismayed at the action of these 11 individuals.  I am self reporting this cheating incident to comply with my management principles of transparency and accountability.  My disciplinary actions are severe in order to demonstrate that I will not tolerate any act of dishonesty by any member of the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office.” 

The individuals involved are:

  1. Jose Placencia
  2. Ubaldo Salinas
  3. Ernesto Acuna
  4. Roberto Perez
  5. Raul Barboza
  6. SalvadorHerrera
  7. Jocelyn Magallan
  8. Artemio Anguino
  9. Michale Foltin
  10.  Lizet Lizcano
  11.  Joe Cortez  

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