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Special message to the Harlingen School Board and the city ofHarlingen

The situation at the new Memorial Middle School is getting worse, before it gets any better. 

This was very poor planned school. 

The Rio Hondo Road was reduced from a 2 lane to a 3 lane road for protected left turns into the school. 

The bike lane was eliminated leaving pedestrians unprotected. 

There is no side walk from the school to the road. 

After today’s heavy rain shower we were forced to walk on the narrow drive way along with all the heavy traffic. 

People are illegally parking in front of the school on the blocked driveway. 

One man was parked on sidewalk endangering and forcing the children into the street. 

TheHarlingenpolice were supposed to be there, but I did not see them. 

They may have taken a donuts break. 

There are no protected cross walks onRio Hondo Road. 

Large numbers of children walk theRio Hondo Roadwith out side walks. 

One city engineer’s employee at the site told me they were applying for a grant for a side walk all the way to 13TH street. 

But that may take months if not years. 

In the mean time we may have car pedestrian accident sooner or later. 

Let’s just hope it won’t be a fatal accident. 

The Harlingen School Board and the city ofHarlingenneed to get off their seats and fix the problem as soon as possible. 

Tomorrow may be too late.


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