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The iPhone Clinic Story

We live in an era where we have to go to our phone and check in on Foursquare to get a discount at a place. Where you get rewarded for going into places to Facebook. Where we go to our iPad or tablet to check the paper, and where we go to our computer to attend college classes. Who would have thought that we go to our gadgets for almost anything? From ringing up customers to “face-timing” with our soldiers who are oversees. The possibilities are endless. Gadgets are the go-to item for just about anything.

But what would we do if our gadgets were to get damaged?  Broken? Wet? Would we not be able to talk to our family members? Work? Fail that college course? Pay full price for a new one? Well, in that case we take it to The iPhone Clinic. Established in 2009, specializing in technology and smart device repair.

The iPhone Clinic began by making a name for themselves in the gadget repair industry by offering professional quality repair services at an affordable price. Starting off in the Rio Grande Valley The iPhone Clinic slowly began to get well known in the U.S. by fixing phones, iPods, game consoles and laptops. Once the iPad was released and smart phones became more popular so did we.

“We cater to people of all walks of life, from the kids that come in with their piggy bank trying to get their console repaired, to Doctors and government agencies, to stay at home moms that have washed their phones, or with potty trained kid who decided to train on an iPad. We fix it all, and yes the stories we hear are quite comical.

Their staff consists of highly trained technicians and customer service specialists.  They undergo numerous trainings on new devices and products on a monthly basis, and they are always up to date with the latest technologies that have been released.

The iPhone Clinic’s technicians hold various certifications including Apple certified technician, and CompTIa certifications these certifications help us reassure their clients that not only will they fix your gadget, but you are leaving them in competent hands. It is very important for The iPhone Clinic to give that reassurance to their customers. Many of their customers are small business owners that run their businesses and social media outlets thru their phone or tablets.

Iris and Patrick Stith, owners of The iPhone Clinic have this advice to other entrepreneurs out there “A wise man once said the key to success is as follows ” Late to bed, early to rise, work like hell and advertise”.  “We are growing, and learning and we love our customers, we see ourselves in the near future all over the United States, plans are already under way.”

So whether you got a cracked screen on your iPad, your phone decided to take a dive or you stepped on your computer screen. The iPhone Clinic will be there for you. But don’t forget to check in on their Facebook for a reward.

For More information regarding The iPhone Clinic please give them a call to (956) 239-5656 or “like” them on facebook at or follow them on twitter @iphoneclinic.

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