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Harlingen Police Unable To Enforce Fireworks Ordinance

By The Fourth of July

Everyone already knows Harlingen police can’t solve crimes but now they are IMPOTENT to enforce the city’s fireworks ordinance.

The United States is a nation of laws and yes, we celebrate the Fourth of July with fireworks but not by breaking the law!!!

Not by popping fireworks inside city limits where it’s illegal. This is not a lawless land like Reynosa or Matamoros.

As I type up this story, there are dozens of fireworks being set off in my beautiful Harlingen neighborhood.

I called the police but nothing was done. They are simply overwhelmed.

Officers are LIMP and unable to stop these lawbreakers.

They need to be tough, hand out tickets, confiscate fireworks and make an example out of them.

And no, I’m not against fireworks or the Fourth of July.

I took my family to see Jimmy Gonzalez and Grupo Mazz at Fair Park to see the LEGAL fireworks display.

Just keep your personal fireworks outside city limits.

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