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What I Feel About Our People

Dear Friends, 

Below is a personal message to you from Ramsey Muniz. I will be with him on Thursday and Friday of this week. 

With love,


Last night your father asked what I see within the spheres of my heart and soul. I shared that I foresee the beginning of the greatest movement of our people spiritually, politically, culturally, and intellectually like never before in our lifetime. I can feel this in my heart and soul and it doesn’t leave alone. I have written about this not too long ago when I was confined in solitary confinement, and it was as if the Lord and my brother, Jesus Christ, were lecturing to me the entire time and I was writing like never ever before. 

Even in our Holy Land (Mexico) the masses are all excited about a new young Mexicano seeking to be the next President of Mexico, speaking about new ideas, education for the masses, and about how our brothers and sisters have to come to the United States to make a better life. 

We have President Obama implementing his Executive presidential order for those who have resided in the United States and have been in hiding in fear for so many years. We have this new Supreme Court ruling about stopping to check if one is a citizen or not, and you know that they are going to be stopping all Hispanics and Latinos because we all look alike. 

We are actually returning to the 1960′s when they used to stop only African Americans because they were black, and now we are the “new blacks of the 1960′s.” All of this is the beginning of our new history and I am a part of that history. I have been a part of that history when I decided to become among the first Mexican American governors of Texas. Now it is going to happen, for the time has come. Our time has come; our movement for my freedom is going to affect the movement for freedom for all humanity. I am a part of the history at the present time, and we must move forward and attain not only my freedom but freedom for all humanity. 

With all my heart I thank all of you who have refused to leave our side knowing that we have suffered for so many years. In our hearts we know that freedom, justice, and love are right in front of us, and now we must take the steps to continue with the formation of our history. 



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