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The Public Be Damned!

By: Ron Rogers

San Benito, Texas

Why do most politicians have such an exaggerated sense of entitlement? It’s hardly surprising that in the recent elections some of them feel they “deserve” to be the party’s nominee even without public discussion.

Their TV commercials tell us all about their heritage and ethical values, but in reality they have ignored several calls from the general public to participate in public debate. Don’t just tell me who you are by infomercial, let me decide when I hear your answers to my questions!

Would you hire someone that didn’t even show up for the interview?

This makes me wonder what they would actually become if elected to office. Would they strive to pass laws designed to restrict rights of others? What are their views on immigration? On a balanced budget? What about looking out for the interests of the common man?

When choosing a candidate for office, I am very interested in their public service record; not the records of their family members or friends, but of theirs. How many hours did they commit last year to serve their community? How much of their income did they donate to charity? Do they serve on any volunteer boards, and what are they?  What have these candidates done other than promote themselves?

Once elected to office, would they feel as many current elected officials do – that they are accountable to no one but themselves— and frankly, the public be damned.

Whether they’re Democrats or Republicans, what should be much more important is their character. If they themselves do not possess the high ethics and morals required to truly serve for the public good, then their other traits including historical lineage is meaningless.

What should be of paramount interest is the welfare of all people and the common good, not just the (one percent) wealthy elites, whose lavish funds are so instrumental in putting such politicians in office in the first place.

Tragically, power is in many cases devoted almost exclusively to selfish, ill-conceived goals. By ignoring the public’s invitations for open discussion on their concerns, it will be no surprise that the needs of the community will either get ignored or abandoned along the way!

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