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McAllen Metro Exports Jump 20 Percent

McAllen, TX–The McAllen metro area increased its exports 20 percent in 2010 and ranked as Texas’ 7th best export market in Texas and the 50th in the country according to the latest reports from the International Trade Administration. The figures show McAllen is shipping products to other countries to near pre-recession levels.

The export metro area figures come from the full year 2010, the latest available from the ITA, and show the McAllen area ranks in electronic products, crops, food and machinery manufacturing and transportation equipment exports. The ITA rankings on metro areas are export-focused and don’t necessarily mean all the products were produced in that market – some are – but they were exported from that market.

ITA’s report also shows the McAllen metro area is one of the country’s leading exporters of computer and electronic products ($2.3 billion), ranking 20th nationally and is the 23rd largest exporter of electrical equipment and appliances ($370 million). The McAllen area also fared well with crop exports coming in 36th place among all metro markets in the country with $198 million.

Overall, Houston, Dallas-FW, El Paso, Austin, SA and Laredo all exported more than McAllen, with Houston coming second nationally in many categories powered by its port, airports and fuel industry. Also, San Antonio’s exports grew at a rapid rate, as the chart below shows, and have passed McAllen by a large margin mainly relying on vehicle production (Toyota) machine manufacturing and the oil and gas industry. Still, nationally, McAllen bests cities like Sacramento, Buffalo, Orlando, Omaha, Columbus, OH and Tucson, AZ.

The ITA reports show, in cadence with the economy, exports dropped off significantly from 2008 to 2009. From 2005 to 2008 exports in the McAllen metro area grew by $1.4 billion to $4.58 billion. They fell $800 million the next year, but the stats for 2010 show the region breaking $4 billion again. Below are the top 4 largest exporting metro areas in the U.S. and Texas’ top 10.

Canada is the country’s largest export market followed by Mexico. Mexico is Texas’ largest export market. We sent some $72.6 billion in goods south of the Rio Grande in 2010, up 29 percent from 2009, according the U.S. Census. The McAllen metro market’s share of Texas’ total international exports was 2.9 percent for the first for 2010, down just bit from 2009, according to ITA. By comparison, San Antonio’s percentage share of exports was 4.1%, Austin 5.6%, El Paso 6.5%, Dallas 14.2% and Houston 51%.

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