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Updated: Rare full Chapa Family reunion


For our mother Adela Chapa’s 86TH birthday in McAllen. 

At the Olive Garden Restaurant on the Expressway. 

All of us were there from the oldest to the youngest. 

Gloria Carrasaco and her husband Hector from Phoenix, Arizona. 

Her son Andy Gonzalez who retired from the U. S. Air Force from Rosemont, California near Los Angeles. 

Tony Chapa and my family from Harlingen. 

I retired from the insurance and mortgage business. 

I now publish for fun. 

Steve Fulwider and his wife Cecilia. 

Steve is a Vietnam war veteran and an Architect. 

Who specializes in high scraper construction. 

Who just completed a 31/2year stint in Dubai United Arab Emirates. 

His next assignment may be in Saudi Arabia, Nairobi, Kenya or St. Paoulo, Brazil. 

The only one missing “may she rest in peace” was my sister Faustina Rodriguez. 

But one of her children, Fabian Rodriguez a former United States Marine and his family were there. 

Gustavo Chapa a builder developer from the Alamo, Donna and McAllen and his family were there. 

Javier Chapa , who just retired from U. S. Coast Guard from Corpus Christi and his family were there. 

His son Jason and his wife Lindsey and one child were there. 

Jason on active duty with the U. S. Coast guard stationed in Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts in the North East Coast. 

Lourdes Dewey of Houston was there. 

Esperanza Hewitt of Oregon was there. 

Valentin who is on active duty with the U. S. Air Force out of San Antonio and his family were there. 

And finally Rosie Cerro of Houston and her family were there. 

Wow, 9 out 10 children were there. 

Plus 33 grand children. 

And 3 great grand children. 

Plus my uncle Juan and my aunt Fila Galindo and their family of Brownsville. 

My 88 year old aunt and my mother are the only living survivors. 

A very large family. 

Being so far spread out. 

Now days the only times we get together are for weddings and funerals. 

So this was a very special and happy occasion for all of us. 

May our mother remain healthy for many more years to come.


Click my Facebook web site link below to see some of the pictures.

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