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By: Anonymous 

Well, Sun Valley Aviation owners ought to be proud. They finally got their way at our expense. These guys are a joke. They come from the richest families, yet have no shame when it comes to using our money to fund their business. They are the epitome of shameless moochers. 

That is what our complaint has been against the old guard. They don’t care when they steal, or use public monies for their gain. The simplest solution would have been for them to fund their own project, use their money etc. Yet, they have whined, for 5 years to get the government to give them money. 5 freaking years! And for what? So they could use your money in the event their project fails. If the business fails, they walk away with no money invested, and no liability. Stealing public funds and using it for their benefit is how they operate. 

Sadly, the FAA, and US Senators caved in to these guys because they donate during election time. We all know how politicos prostitute themselves when it comes to money, but this issue is more offensive because these guys know the chances for failure are at about 90%. Yup, that’s right 90%. Private aircraft business is down to almost 0, and having two businesses like this at our airport is unheard of. Yet, the rich trust fund babies cried long and hard enough to get what they wanted. How pathetic! 

If you are wondering about who to vote for in District 3, remember, Mezmar represents these guys, and runs in their circle. So if he were to win, it means the old guard will have another vote to help steal more from us and pacify these whiners. 

A woman was asked how she felt after she had been raped. She looked at incredulously at the attorney and said what kind of question is that? He said I don’t know, I was just wondering if you needed anything. She said, my life and dignity have been taken, what more is there? He said, I’m not sure but you look ok to me. She told him to bend over and drop his pants while she got a broomstick. The attorney replied, no further questions… 

If you feel violated, then maybe we ought to ask the Sun Valley Owners if they would like to bend over….someone needs to get a broomstick and give them a reason to whine….

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