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By: Anonymous

We aren’t sure when the new list of candidates for the South head coaching position will be released, but we need to support those school board members who voted against Morton. As we have previously stated, we don’t believe Morton is qualified to lead the team, especially when numerous  coaches applied who had winning records and district titles to their resume’.

This controversy has created a division amongst many. Morton supporters are rabid, as are the anti- Morton supporters.  Hiring Morton will leave a bitter taste in many of the mouths that have been against him. Hiring someone else will do the same for those who support him. Whatever the outcome, one side will be unhappy.

We would urge those anti-Morton proponents to contact board members who voted against him, and express their support for them. Board members have been rocked by this controversy. Supporting them will reassure them that they did the right thing, and will give them confidence to hire a qualified coach.

Pro Morton supporters will be lobbying for the board to hire Morton, despite his checkered past, limited experience and outrage from the community. 

Unfortunately, this issue will remain a point of contention for many, and the sad part is it could have been avoided had professionalism and concern for the kids had been at the forefront. We can correct it, we just need to let the Board know.

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