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Girl Scouts escape Harlingen police chase

Back by popular demand.

Harlingen police are now arresting anyone selling food on the streets. 

It was a quiet Sunday afternoon. 

I was relaxing after a long busy week. 

Suddenly the door bell rang. 

I opened the door.

It was the girl scouts accompanied by their parents selling cookies door to door. 

I told them to be on the look out for the police. 

I told them they could be arrested for violating the 1959, 51 year old ordinance that prohibits the selling of foods on the streets. 

They thank me for the warning and proceeded down the street watching their backs. 

I bought a couple of boxes and retired to the kitchen to get a cold glass of milk. 

I was enjoying the cookies and a large glass of milk. 

Suddenly I heard a loud siren, I looked out the kitchen window and saw cop unit speeding down my street with its red lights flashing. 

I immediately ran out side to see what the commotion was about. 

I saw a very fat cop running after the girl scouts. 

The girl scouts were running in front of him in between the neighborhood homes. 

The cop was so fat that he ran out of steam half a block down the street. 

Thanks to the school’s new physical education requirements, the girl scouts were able to make a clean get away. 

Before I knew it the entire police force was in front of my house. 

All 8 patrol cars in the shift responded to the chase. 

They left all other areas of the city unprotected to search for the evading girl scouts. 

It included all their canine police dogs. 

I did not see any Sergeants, they are too lazy and refuse to write any reports. 

I did not see any Lieutenants either, they too are too lazy and don’t want to write any reports either. 

I did not see any Captains either, it was on Sunday and their weekend off days. 

I did not see the assistant police chief either. 

Much less the police chief Tom Whitten who is always on vacation. 

The police chief is never around, and when he is around, he is never seen by the police force. 

Too many chiefs and not enough Indians. 

Soon members of the city’s health department arrived. 

Plus the members of the city’s code enforcement division along with their cameras to gather evidence. 

They did take pictures and confiscated a garage sale sign on a utility pole next to the Old Guard, Old Clique Red Liner former Harlingen city commissioner Larry (keep the city stagnant) Galbreath’s home on the corner of high and Plantation streets. 

They set up a base of operations on my street with a perimeter around a four block area. 

They trampled our yards enough that we did not need to mow our grass this weekend. 

They were never able to catch up with the girl scouts. 

The girl scouts apparently were able to reach the sanctuary of their homes and avoid arrest. 

They had faced arrest, getting hand cuffed, driven to the fancy new police station, and thrown in the slammer. 

After 2-4 hours the search was called off. 

All cops were then instructed to meet at Shipley Donuts. 

There they chomped down a few donuts each to regain their strength and breaths. 

I heard some comments they were disappointed the girls scouts got away because they wanted some confiscated girl scout cookies instead of donuts for a change. 

This scenario could have really happened now that the Harlingen police force is targeting anyone selling foods on the streets.

Including the boy’s scouts, the girl’s scouts and school children. 

We need some changes and fast.

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