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What We Are Hearing And Want to Hear

Thomas D. Segel 

Harlingen, Texas, January 23, 2012:  As the momentum builds within President Obama’s reelection campaign and the GOP primary season the media has become saturated with pundits informing their respective audiences about what to expect from those seeking the highest office in America.  What is lacking on television and within the print media is anyone taking the time to ask average citizens what they are looking for as they search where to cast their ballots. 

Dennis Raymond is a Texan who is interested in hearing only three things from all candidates.  “I want to know how they will reduce the deficit, control spending and get jobs.”  Another Texan, Lee Means says, “I am not thrilled with any of the candidates.  But, I will vote for anyone who runs against Obama.” 

Velma Bowman, widow of the late Major General George S. Bowman, Jr.  has a philosophical view of the current leadership struggle.  She says, “There is no single issue.  The leader we choose will have to be as wise as Solomon to address the huge spectrum of problems we are facing from unemployment, foreign conflict, global trade, violent crime, border drug invasions, maintaining an adequate defense, heath insurance, natural disasters…the list is endless.” 

The Veterans Voice writes that most of the candidates are missing voter concerns.  The online publication feels they should all be talking about,  “The economy. The debt and our military.” 

Perk English is a businesswoman who feels, “The most important issue of the upcoming election will be the expanse of government and the many regulations being imposed on businesses.  Without the easing of regulations and the reduction of corporate income tax, jobs are just going to continue to be lost overseas.  The new regulations required for finance companies and banks are going to strangle many businesses and squelch the hope of starting new business.” 

Blas Cantu is the CEO of a housing authority.  He say the emphasis should be on, “Cutting back of the runaway deficit spending, ending the healthcare mandate that was crammed down our throats by Obama and end all the finger pointing by both democrats and republicans.  We need realistic and practical approaches to economic strengthening.” 

Tony Nathe is the Past President of the Uniformed Services Disabled Retirees.  He doesn’t believe any middle-aged white politician can beat a sitting president.  But, he is very worried about, “All the underground activity going on within our government bureaucracy that is destroying many of the policies put in place to protect and defend the United States.”  He also believes, “The candidates should explain how socialism will destroy democracy and use real-life examples to tell the story.” 

Lou Hall writes from Virginia that he would like to see the candidates talk about “Strong productive defense, secure borders, repealing the healthcare package and drop the court procedures concerning Alabama and Arizona.” 

Noel Pritzl cautions, “The GOP candidates remaining in the race would win more votes if they led by example and told the truth about what our government was doing with the taxpayers money and how they plan on changing current domestic and foreign policies.  Besides the billions in handouts to foreign governments and countries that hate us, our own GAO audit shows the Federal Reserve gave out to US banks, corporations and foreign banks $16,000,000,000,000 during the years 2007 to 2010.  What happened to our checks and balances as provided by the Constitution?” 

John Borly wants the candidates to, “Speak out on reducing debt, cutting spending on entitlements and to advocate for a flat tax.” 

The veterans expressing their opinion of the race toward the presidency have strong feelings about border security and immigration.  Jerry Echols and Carl Fellows of Arizona are among those who feel these two issues are also linked to the strength and growth of the economy. Paul Martine and George Biglows of Florida agree with them on both issues.  Larry Tinch puts it in plain words, “If they don’t support the borders and immigration, why are they running?” 

Back in Texas Linda Broyles reflects, “They don’t seem to be addressing my issues, except the border situation.  I don’t think that any of them know what it is doing to us along the border.  Besides being scary, it hurts our economy.” 

My Marine combat correspondent friends offer very pessimistic views of the race.  John Boring in Arizona says, “Ho hum, here we go again. Idiots sniping at idiots hoping there will be one idiot remaining standing and we will have a candidate.”  George Hijar in Virginia thinks, “It is sounding like the same song and dance over and over again.  They all have too much baggage…or not enough.”  Steve Stibbens in Dallas reflects, “The GOP just makes fools of themselves.  If they don’t clean up their act they will hand our incumbent another term.” 

My retired Sergeant Major friends Leo Robert of Pennsylvania and Bill Steigerwald of Texas don’t see any of the candidates is a good light either.  Leo says, “The whole process is a mess…a total Zoo.  I fear I’ve seen the best of America.  It is so sad we have gotten to this point, where now anything would be an improvement.”  Bill laments, “This process has turned into a vicious dog-fight.  Digging up the deep past on each other simply has aided the democrats.  It has hurt them all, some more than others.” 

Semper Fidelis

Thomas D. Segel

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