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The Veterans Alliance continues its efforts to bring a VA hospital to the Rio Grande Valley

By: Treto Garza 

San Juanita Hinojosa, wife of Leonel Hinojosa, and member of the Veterans Alliance presented an email to the Veterans Alliance from Bernard Edelman, Deputy Director for Policy and Governmental Affairs of the Vietnam Veterans of America.  

The email states in part that VVA supports the efforts of the Veterans Alliance of bringing a VA hospital to the valley. 

Ms. Hinojosa had written the VVA national office requesting letters be written to heads of the Veterans Affairs Committees of both houses and other elected officials. 

Mr. Edelman stated in his email that VVA’s “National President, John Rogan, has sent individual letters in support of H.R. 1232, Congressman Ortiz’ bill that would provide for construction of a full-service VA hospital to serve the healthcare needs of more than 100,000 veterans in the 24 counties that comprise Far South Texas, and Senator Cornyn’s companion legislation S 699. 

These have been sent both by mail and fax to Senator Cornyn, Senator Akaka, chairman of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee and the committee’s Ranking Member, Senator Burr, Congressman Ortiz, Congressman Filner, chair of the House Veterans Affairs Committee and that committee’s Ranking Member Congressman Buyer, and to VA Secretary Shinseki.”  

These letters and faxes were sent out in July 22, 2009. 

The Veterans Alliance continues its efforts to bring a VA hospital to the Rio Grande Valley. 

Similar letters will be sent to the national offices of the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), American Legion, Disabled American Veterans (DAV) and Catholic War Veterans (CWV). 

The two bills H.R. 1232 and S 699 are still at the committee level and must be voted on before sending it to the full house and senate.  

They have to be acted on during the coming 2nd Session of the 111th Congress.  

There is still time to get them out of committee but veterans need a lot of help from the elected officials in Congress and the public in general. 

Similar action was taken during the 110th Congressional session, but the bills died in Committee.  The Veterans Alliance is trying to avoid that and moving to have them voted on. 

In the meantime, the Veterans Alliance has an on line petition targeting VA Secretary Carl Shinseki at and is asking to the public so sign it and support the veterans. 

For more information please call Homer Gallegos at 956.878.6144 or Janie Hinojosa at 956.425.4840

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