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Proposed Harlingen District 4 Revitalization Plan

By Kenneth Benton

We are going to start w/the clean up and revitalization of the west side (dist 4). We need to get control of the edc 4b and cbdg to fund buyouts, demolition, re-locations to affordable housing which we will need to build as well.

One idea I would like for all to consider is perhaps as a part of the relocation to partner with HCISD and develop the 44 acres they bought next to the armory to create a “village” with housing, perhaps a small campus of some sort and some community facility. We would need, of course, to get community support and approval and see what needs are.

The key to have a plan and redevelopment vision. The ideas are cultural and entertainment district, such as renovation of the Grande Theater. We’d like to clear slums near HEB warehouse and area around there. Someone will need to assure the people they will be treated fairly and that their interests are protected. Must move with deliberate speed but show results.

The old guard is working to undermine and discredit. Their lies and money can only go so far. Too bad they never bothered to invest any to upgrade the city. Was in Brownsville and McAllen both earlier this week. While both could improve the difference is striking. Harlingen is plain ugly, shabby with too much substandard, cheap and low class “development”. Even the new stuff is bad.

Anyway, congrats on the blog. I think we have a good commission but we need more voices and people committed to moving the city ahead.

Economic development goal: In 10 years raise medium family income to equal state mfi. Currently its about one half.

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