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City commissioner Kori Marra goes on another rampage during last night’s city commission meeting

By: Anonymous 

After a nice hiatus up in the relaxing hill country surrounding Austin, and after skipping out on arguably the most important commission meetings of the year with respect to taxation, commissioner Kori Marra announces her intellectual superiority over another commissioner.

At the first appearance at any of this year’s budget meetings, one which was short and least important in comparison to the marathon meetings she forsaken, commissioner Marra, in rhetoric one expects to hear amongst 5 & 6 year olds out on the school yard play ground, took the opportunity to set the record straight. With a Mel Gibson tone of voice, Marra exclaimed to Commissioner Leftwich, “I’m smarter than you.”

Apparently, Leftwich being aware of the arsenal that Marra claims publicly to pack and having witnessed first hand the aggressive hostility displayed toward Commissioner Prepejchal by Marra in a prior meeting, showed extreme restraint by not provoking the self-declared center of the universe any further.

The word from the meeting was that there was a discussion between the two commissioners as to whether looting was legal or not. The issue was brought up after Marra boasted about being involved in evicting an elderly lady from her home after her care-giver husband had died and the mortgage went unpaid.

The personal belongings of the couple were placed out by the curb for relatives’ to retrieve them, but looters had their way first.

Leftwich pointed out the looting was illegal, but Marra, after asserting to be the smarter of the two commissioners, declared otherwise.

Disrespect of others has been Kori’s normal behavior, but now, one has to wonder about taxpayer interests when it is obvious that she will turn a blind eye for personal gain by condoning the looting of personal belongings of a helpless elderly person.

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