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Special message to Harlingen city commissioner Kori Marra and Jerry Deal

By: Kori Marra

  • The reason I respond to your requests and only the Valley Morning Star requests is due to the fact that you both have never taken what I have written nor my responses and changed them to what suits your beliefs. With your blog, you do not delete ideas and thoughts (within reason) that do not reflect your personal opinion. I know that at least on your site, people will be allowed to disagree and AGREE with me equally. Without fear that their writing will be deleted. Other sites do this for a fact. For those that believe you somehow favor me…that is a shallow excuse from those to try and discredit you because, once again, you are being fair. I encourage you to not engage them.

By: Eliot Elcomedor

…No, Ms. Marra, it isn’t that Jerry Deal favors you that worries those out for fair and balanced news. 

He simply will not be critical of you, which is the death knell of any self-respecting Journalist. 

He most certainly can favor you all he wants. 

But when he holds himself out to be an unbiased site, he is obligated to report the full tapestry of the Cubist painting we know as Harlingen. 

You are a public servant and, yes, you should be judged by both supporters and critics. 

That is Public Service 101 – as elementary as it gets. 

Our take on you is that you shun criticism like some woman uneasy about being out of the kitchen. 

Harsh? Yes, without question. 

Still, when asked about doings at City Hall, your elected domain, you run to Jerry Deal’s Blog or to the Valley Morning Star. 

That is absolutely within your rights. 

No one can make you talk. 

But that you so cavalierly ignore – or damn – other media outlets seeking answers from you, about your service to the community, speaks loudly. 

Fear the politician who chooses his battlefields, is what I say. 

That politician, I will add, is either fearful of being exposed or so shy as to be laughable. 

Our understanding is that you are hardly shy. 

We would side by you against any critic, if only you would side by the belief that an elected official ultimately serves the whole…and the whole must be served. 

Writings posted on Blogs you select do little to make us believe you have the gravitas to contribute to progress. 

It is, really, the mark of a Bad Politician… – eliot,


  1. Xóchitl says:

    Quote from Mr. Eliot’s post: “…like some woman uneasy about being out of the kitchen…” You, Mr. Eliot, sound quite disrespectful and machista. What a pity. Before criticizing anyone else, take a sincere look at yourself. And learn to respect women.

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