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By: Anonymous

In what has become a “meltdown” watch, Kori is living up to the billing. In tonite’s EDC-City commission meeting, Kori made a comment about extended meetings. Jerry P then retorted, “what are you talking about, you haven’t been to the last 3 meetings.”

Kori, incensed at his comments, got up and began to approach him. Glowing red, and furious at the truth, Jerry commented, “don’t come near me.” Kori regained her senses, and stopped in her tracks. She then crawled back to her seat, humiliated.  

Being a public figure, one would expect to have thick skin. One would also expect the elected official to act in a dignified manner. Commissioners feigning or attempting physical violence on one another is ridiculous. Unfortunately, Kori doesn’t understand her actions affect the entire city, and the lower she goes, so goes the city. So her actions then beg the question…Kori, how low are you gonna go?

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  1. van woodard says:

    nice post, can’t believe he replied by saying don’t come near

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