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Harlingen city commissioner Kori Marra lied about attending her company mendatory meeting

See the statements she made below: 

Marra responds, is attending RE/MAX meeting



I have received an e-mail note from Commissioner Kori Marra, who was answering a query made by me concerning her absence from this week’s city commission meetings.

Her message should end any speculation she is leaving the commission.

She responded that she is attending an important RE/MAX brokers/owners meeting (in Austin), and she could not miss it.

She noted until now she had only missed one session since taking office.

She also said that being a single mother with three children, they and her job must come first.

“The other commissioners would also put their families and employment first, why shouldn’t I?” she said.

She said she did not like that she has missed these commission meetings, but it was necessary, adding that this last year she did not miss one budget meeting.

As for the special meetings, she responded, “I do not personally decide when these meetings happen. If I can’t make it, I can’t make it.”

She said she believes that for a business person and family “I have an excellent track record.”

Here is contradictory information from a reliable source attending the same meeting:

By: Anonymous

I was talking to a friend who is a very reliable source, I was talking to this person regarding a separate matter and decided to ask if Kori Marra was there at the same meeting they were attending.  

Just a stab in the dark, but the person said, “Yes, and I was surprised to see her here, she never comes.  Why do you ask?”  I didn’t say anything to them, just let it go and changed the subject.   

Later in the conversation, I asked my contact what type of meeting it was and what was going on.   

They said it was a BS technology conference in Austin for ReMax.   

It is “not” an important function “nor is it mandatory”.  

Basically, it’s just a technology/website training seminar and Kori mentioned that “she had to get out of town for a few days”.   

She never goes to these things.   

This is not an Owners meeting with elections, voting or agendas or something that requires a quorum etc.   

It is “not important” as she made it out to be with her response earlier today.  

Editors Note: 

If Kori lied to us about this important matter, what else does She lie to us about?  




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