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By: El Rocinante 

As we have been noting in recent weeks, Harlingen is enduring one of the worst periods in its history. 

The negotiations with Pro Bass Shops, which include a $30 million subsidy, are not going well. 

Since the firing of the last city manager, Harlingen is in the hands of interim Gabe “El Cobarde” Gonzalez whose concept of managing a municipal operation is kissing the right people’s asses. Danny Castillo, a religious freak with SS tendencies, has lost control of the police department. 

Downtown is dying, business is dwindling and the Whitewings are nose-diving. Jerry Deal, the publisher of My Leader News, laments that there is no leadership at City Hall. 

Mayor Chris “Bozo” Boswell and Commissioner Kori “Kotex” Marra, according to recent postings on Tony Chapa’s My Harlingen News, are performing pathetically as politicians. 

Writes one concerned citizen about the bumbling Boswell: “In a typical Old Guard, arrogant, racist fashion, Mayor Boz reverted into a time warp in last night’s city meeting. 

Harlingen has always had a horrible reputation when it has come to discriminating against Hispanics. 

History will show Harlingen used to exclude Hispanics from public pools, restaurants, etc. And worse yet, there are written documents stating Hispanics weren’t allowed to walk alone in certain Harlingen neighborhoods. 

Last night, Mayor Boz reminded everyone how vicious and ugly he and his cohorts can be. An Hispanic family asked the commission to reverse a decision by P&Z, which had previously denied them a permit to open a bar in the La Placita district. Commissioners asked a few questions and were ready to vote yes. Mayor Boz then stated that he was against it because it would lessen the value of his friend’s business (Heritage Manor) and the supposed Blaschka tower renovation. 

He stated that cantinas would ‘offend’ the patrons at their high-end restaurant. In other words, rich white people don’t want to see a bunch of drunk Mexicans walking around ‘their area.’ The Mayor’s fears were that small bars bring a bad crowd…a la Mexicans…and well…they shouldn’t be allowed in ‘his’ area. 

Mind you, the bars are on the other side of the tracks, far away from his friend’s business. 

Most people were stunned with his snobbish, racist, holier-than-thou attitude. Imagine that. Only in Harlingen could a Mayor get away with saying something so stupid and racist. 

Only in Harlingen do Hispanics sit back and allow this type of white trash, redneck behavior. 

To imply that Hispanics opening bars will ruin ‘his town’ is utterly ignorant. Perhaps the Mayor should give these bar owners $500,000 like he did his friends at Heritage Manor and maybe then they would build something to his liking. 

It’s obvious the Mayor has forgotten that poor people have a right to make a go at a business. He forgets that it is small businesses that built this country. Maybe he hasn’t forgotten; maybe he just doesn’t want Hispanics to have a shot at the American dream. 

Whatever the case may be, last night’s meeting was a throwback to the old days when ignorant statements weren’t challenged for their stupidity. We hope next time commissioners challenge this moron and demand and apology from him. Being Mayor doesn’t give him the right to be ignorant and racist. All citizens are owed an apology from this idiot we call Mayor.”

While Boswell is taking flack for his actions, Marra is being criticized for her inaction. She has decided that attending to her private affairs is more important than her public duties as this voter notes: “Harlingen City Commissioner Kori Marra has missed two very important city commission meetings this week alone. And if she fails to show on Friday, she will have missed two of three very critical budget meetings at a time when Harlingen is facing its worst revenue shortfall in decades due to dwindling sales tax revenue. What could be more important to Commissioner Marra for her not to participate in applying her ‘so-called’ business expertise to these very important meetings, especially after she should have had advanced notice of the dates? 

When one elects to run for public office, it is a given that personal sacrifices would be expected. So what gives? What? Is holding exclusive side shows at the local retirement home for a handful of die-hard supporters about speed bumps and why we need ‘big brother’ (red light cameras) far more important than addressing the city’s on-going financial crisis? There are those ‘pro’ Marra folks who say that she is the best commissioner in years. 

Actions speak loader than words. Other than securing CVB and EDC marketing money along with cash from various campaigns for her renters for her benefit, voting against investigating ethically questionable actions (as reported by a special prosecutor) of a few of her campaign $ sopprters, embarrassing the city with her texting scandal and insulting local veterans, what has she done good for the city? 

Hidalgo County Commissioners Court had a ‘special’ lady, too. Her name was Sylvia Handy. Will the FBI, as in Commissioner Handy’s case, have to clean house!?! 

Time will tell.” 

There are those who speculate that Marra may resign from office. This sentiment is expressed by a Harlingen resident: “Word on the street has it that Kori Marra has decided to resign her seat on the city commission. She has come to the conclusion that she can no longer get her agendas passed or influence enough people to make any difference anymore. She doesn’t want to remain on board as window dressing while the true power plays are performed by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. 

Also, the sick unprofessional attacks on her personally by the various online blogs have taken their toll. We were hoping you would stay in there and fight for the little guy. Good luck in the real estate business. We hate to see you go, Kori! God Bless.” Chapa, who has never been accused of having hairs on his tongue, doesn’t share the same sympathetic view of the misguided Marra. 

“This is a great victory for the citizens of Harlingen, if in fact it is true,” he opines. “We knew Kori Marra would self-destruct sooner or later. It now appears that it is happening sooner. We will see what develops out of this rumor.” 


On a separate note, why aren’t there any bars or clubs in the Southmost area? Do our leaders at City Hall fear that our barrio Mexican-Americans aren’t mature or civilized enough to handle alcohol in their midst?

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