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Breaking News: Is Kori Marra resigning from the Harlingen city commission?

By: G. Man 

Kori was noticeably missing from a very important city commission meeting last night, July 7, 2010.  

Word on the street has it that Kori Marra has decided to resign her seat on the city commission.  

She has come to the conclusion that she can no longer get her agendas passed or influence enough people to make any difference anymore.  

She doesn’t want to remain on board as window dressing while the true power plays are performed by the four horsemen of the apocalypse.  

Also, the sick unprofessional attacks on her personally by the various online blogs have taken their toll.  

We were hoping you would stay in there and fight for the little guy.  

Good luck in the real estate business.  

We hate to see you go, Kori! God Bless. 

Editors Note: 

This is a great victory for the citizens of Harlingen, if in fact it is true. 

We knew Kori Marra would self destruct sooner or later. 

It now appears that it is happening sooner. 

We will see what develops out of this rumor.


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