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Posts on ‘January 2nd, 2012’

42 year old San Benito man arrested and charged for

For a third DWI 3RD degree felony violation. Click the web site link below to view the Harlingen police department report.

2011 Belonged To Twitter, So Does the Future of Sports Media

Every morning starts the same way for me, I roll over and check Twitter on my iPhone. I check Twitter before I check my email, my text messages, or even get out of bed. My wife has even threatened to start her own Twitter account to remind me to take out the trash. I read all the news from the 170 or so people I follow and then I read every single thing y’all send my way. (Every morning for 786 consecutive days an Alabama fan has accused me of being gay). Put simply, I’m addicted to Twitter.

Will District 1 City Commissioner Danny (The False Prophet Preacher) Castillo

Remain for the full city commission meeting this time around?  Or will he walk out again and go crying to mommy?  Maricon.

Harlingen city commission meeting scheduled for Wednesday afternoon

A couple of important items on the agenda. The second reading of an ordinance to repeal and rescind the controversial far West Harlingen de-annexation. The conflict to be decided in a State District Court now. To consider and take action to terminate the lease agreement with the WhiteWings Baseball Club over unpaid dues to use the Harlingen Field. Click the web site link below to view the full agenda.

Verse of the Day

The Daily Bible Verse is still down. Click the web site link below to view the Verse of the Day.

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