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City of Harlingen Election Results

Many are angry and cries of foul, voter suppression and intimidation have reached my ears. To some degree, supported by the pitiful number of votes at Jefferson and Bowie, I do believe that the winner’s strategy of limiting early voting hours and playing games with the voting districts frustrated and confused many would be Morales’s voters. Some are demanding a complaint be filed with the Justice Dept. Good luck with that.

Harlingen Police Unable To Enforce Fireworks Ordinance

Everyone already knows Harlingen police can’t solve crimes but now they are IMPOTENT to enforce the city’s fireworks ordinance.

Nothing surprises me about the Harlingen police department anymore

They arrested and jailed Miguel Angel Cazares, a minor for possession of tobacco.
The name of the minor was published in the city’s public web site.

Harlingen Police Can’t Even Catch a Guy Driving on a Hike & Bike Trail

Harlingen police are never around when you need them. They can’t even catch a guy driving on a crowded hike and bike trail!

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