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Harlingen city commissioner Kori Marra did throw one fit during the commissioners meeting last night

That happened when the commissioners voted to award $8,000 to the Sunshine Heavin Hospice in Olmito.

The rated “X” El Rocinante posts story on Harlingen city commissioner Kori Marra

This post is for adults only. Do not open this web site in front of minor children or conservative ladies. The site includes graphic scenes.

Now you can view all of the most recent Harlingen city commissioner Kori Marra posts

Just click Kori Marra in the “categories” section.  You can now view one or all her stories.  Me me, yes yes, no no, wink wink.


In today’s VMS, when asked about what qualities commissioners were seeking in a new city manager…Leftwich stated “a visionary” one who can propel us forward into the future. Marra’s response? “Someone who can work with a split commission”

Kori Marra caught on tape!

Kori Marra is caught on tape saying the Veterans advisory board is not better than the Tennis advisory board.

Let’s support our city of harlingen Veterans Advisory Board Initiative

I think Tony has done a great job. I love what the writer said about the negative voices so true and verified from outside sources. I am so glad that all the people who were fighting against Tony have been backed up and on their way out. How nice it will be to have a city working together. I look forward to the next city commission meeting when the Veterans Advocacy Committee board will be put into action.


Looks like Harlingen progressives are going a little too far when it comes to Kori…according to Jerry Deal. Jerry Deal has now jumped in the fray as a defender for Kori. I guess he doesn’t like bloggers expressing their anger and frustration at her constant rants and embarrassing public displays for media sympathy. Hmmm something seems awry.

I now have an audio tape in which Harlingen city commissioner Kori Marra says that the proposed Veterans Advisory Board in “not” more important than the Tennis Advisory Board

This is extremely important right now that 20 year old Edinburg Marine’s remains are coming back to the Valley after being killed in Afghanistan where he died along with two other Marines this past weekend.

According to reliable sources a petition to remove Harlingen city commissioner Kori Marra is circulating

It will not be easy. 3,500+ signatures will be required. But it can be done. It was done for the 70/30% single member districts petition.

Harlingen city commissioner Kori Marra needs to attend and pass “Decorum & Etiquette” classes

See the dictionary definitions of ‘Decorum & Etiquette” below:

The Joan of Arc 2010

Her career it seems like it was full of marvels, every step marked by the wildest romance united to the strangest truths.


As a son, nephew, and cousin of veterans, I would like to state that you owe all veteran’s an apology. I am not buying your excuses, or statements that you were misquoted. Those in attendance heard you and will accept nothing less.

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