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RUBY TUESDAY: Our Reporter Takes A Few Shots Of Whiskey And Covers A City Commission Meeting…

HARLINGEN, Texas – The words bounced through the crowd like tractor-sized boulders. “Did she say she was going to kick Lefty’s ass?” whispered a blue-haired elderly woman dressed in wrinkled Republican clothing. Receiving the strange question, one rarely heard in council chambers, a man in a Lyndon Baines Johnson Stetson hat said this in return, “Nope, think Kori just told Robert to go stick it up his ass.” It was only the beginning of what became the rolling monologue of last night’s Harlingen City Commission meeting, Chapter 12, Verse 23.

City commissioner Kori Marra goes on another rampage during last night’s city commission meeting

After a nice hiatus up in the relaxing hill country surrounding Austin, and after skipping out on arguably the most important commission meetings of the year with respect to taxation, commissioner Kori Marra announces her intellectual superiority over another commissioner.

THE DOWN LOW: In Harlingen, It’s “Silence of The Lambs” at City Hall…

HARLINGEN, Texas – Someone said they heard it from someone who heard it from someone else that these guys just weren’t up to the task of governing, that a sensational case involving local children possibly being molested by a grown man wasn’t about to roust them from their Summer slumber.

Special message to Jerry Deal, Kori Marra, Juan Ortega and company

No, it has not been a slow day.  Totally the opposite, I have posted 22 important stories today including this one.  I have received nearly 100 comments today.  No one can even come close to me.  I thank all my supporters and followers.  We have and will continue to prevail.

Special message to Harlingen city commissioner Kori Marra and Jerry Deal

The reason I respond to your requests and only the Valley Morning Star requests is due to the fact that you both have never taken what I have written nor my responses and changed them to what suits your beliefs. With your blog, you do not delete ideas and thoughts (within reason) that do not reflect your personal opinion. I know that at least on your site, people will be allowed to disagree and AGREE with me equally. Without fear that their writing will be deleted. Other sites do this for a fact. For those that believe you somehow favor me…that is a shallow excuse from those to try and discredit you because, once again, you are being fair. I encourage you to not engage them.


In what has become a “meltdown” watch, Kori is living up to the billing. In tonite’s EDC-City commission meeting, Kori made a comment about extended meetings. Jerry P then retorted, “what are you talking about, you haven’t been to the last 3 meetings.”

Tara Rios and Kori Marra, two of a kind?

Click the web site link below to view their picture.


I propose we have a collection for kori. Did you notice how smooth the last city meeting went? I mean there was no cackling, threats, gunshots, etc…and all because kori was gone. It was nice not hearing how unfair she was being treated, or whining about this or that. Gosh, it was almost heavenly.

Harlingen city commissioner Kori Marra delayed the new city manager elimination process

Marra was absent from the Thursday special elimination process meeting plus the Wednesday regular meeting and the Friday’s special meeting. Each of the city commissioners was supposed to select the top 10 candidates out of 41, but since Kori was “not” in attendance, the elimination selection was delayed for 2 weeks.

Harlingen city commissioner Kori Marra lied about attending her company mendatory meeting

See the statements she made below:


As we have been noting in recent weeks, Harlingen is enduring one of the worst periods in its history.

Breaking News: Is Kori Marra resigning from the Harlingen city commission?

Kori was noticeably missing from a very important city commission meeting last night, July 7, 2010. Word on the street has it that Kori Marra has decided to resign her seat on the city commission.

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